Shenanigans or foul play

The Patriots are known for the shenanigans they pull, however if this is one of them it went too far this time. Apparently the balls used in the AFC Championship game (Pats against Colts) were a little more deflated than they were supposed to be.

Why would anyone want to do that you ask? By deflating them the weight also goes down and the surface is more malleable as well. So this way the ball becomes easier to catch, throw and basically eases anything you want to do with it.

Although this sounds like one of the Patriots pre-game jokes it is a little bit too much and NFL is investigating the issues. The whole incident is covered by Bob Kravitz who twitted all the stages of development. Apparently a judge took a random ball and weighed it, however the outcome is not known. Kravitz commented that even if this is true and the balls have been fiddled with, it wouldn’t have affected the output of the game as the Colts were clearly overwhelmed the entire game.

This would not be the first time a team is investigated for deflating the balls and the University of Southern California has been fined for this before.

Although the Colts cannot appeal for losing and the Patriots are AFC champions they can lose their right to the draft picks if they are found guilty. Guilty or not, this will be a very interesting topic to follow and see how far the Patriots have taken their shenanigans.


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