Marty Hurney cleared of charges and returns as Panther’s GM

Marty Hurney, who was on a paid leave during the investigation related to domestic violence, was reinstated as GM of the Carolina Panthers. The NFL found no evidence to support the accusations against him and the Panthers put him reinstated him.

NFL posted two weeks ago, which is the time in which charges were cleared, that "investigation identified no evidence to support an allegation of domestic violence or similar conduct that would constitute a violation of the personal conduct policy."

Jeannie Hurney, Marty's ex-wife who filed the charges, refused to make a statement about it according to the NFL.

Marty Hurney is one of the four candidates for permanent management of the Carolina Panthers.  He remains as the front-runner and this will probably be announced soon. 

Brian McCarthy, spokesperson of the NFL, said the League went through all the law requirements, sworn testimonies, plus an interview with Hurney and members of the Panthers. 

"We also requested an interview with Mr. Hurney's former wife, which was declined through her attorney," McCarthy said. "Our investigation identified no evidence to support an allegation of domestic violence or similar conduct that would constitute a violation of the personal conduct policy."

Mr. Hurney's lawyer, Kathleen Lucchesi told the Associated Press via email that his client was heading back to work for the NFL to prepare for the draft and free agency. She also expressed, on behalf of Hurney, how grateful he was at the resolution of these "false claims" by his ex-wife.

"It's been a very long two weeks for Marty and his family," Lucchesi said in the statement emailed to AP. "In this digital age, it's nearly impossible to overcome suspicion, defend yourself, and clear your name once the court of public opinion gets a hold of a false narrative. The public scrutiny can be devastating and unrelenting. In this case, it was also unnecessary."

The Hurney's began divorce proceedings in 2013, with their divorce became official in 2014.


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