NFL attempts to improve Players Conduct Policy

The spate of embarrassing incidents of domestic violence and sexist rants by state and national level football players has expedited the conduct policy of the NFL. But surprisingly the policy laws are being laid out in consultation with previous NFL stars who have been accused of past misdemeanors.

The three hour meeting with Roger Goodell the NFL Commissioner was attended by players like Robert Porcher who was indicted for domestic violence and Edie Mason who had charges of drug abuse leveled against him.

The meetings are scheduled to be conducted every week to chart out a clear cut policy on domestic violence, drug abuse and issues which has hurt the image of NFL.

There were a number of ex players who are currently employed with NFL in various capacities who were part of the meeting. Several of them made an impassioned plea to protect the honor and pride of NFL.

The accused spoke about their experiences and the corrective measure that should be taken to avoid incidents like the ones they were part of. Personality development, educating the player and his family about the ill effects of fame were some of the aspects discussed in the meeting.

The NFL is bristling from the widespread criticism it received towards its inability or nonchalance to address the various issues that was brought to its notice. With this meeting the NFL hopes to chart out a policy that is transparent and effective. In a bid to redeem its image it has also brought on board three women as senior advisors.


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